Refugia Session at the Annual ESA Conference


OOS 35: The Science of Resistance: Climate Change Refugia in the Face of Heat, Droughts, Floods, Fires, and Forest Pests

Toni Lyn Morelli, Jennifer M. Cartwright and Aaron R. Ramirez led an oral session at the Ecological Society of America’s Annual conference to bring together new climate change refugia research and foster discussions. This session from 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, held a steady attendance for it's majority (fluctuating around 30 people) and featured many refugia scientists discussing their recent work and publications in various areas.

These included:

  • The once and future refugium presented by Stephen T. Jackson

  • Climate-change refugia in boreal North America: What, where, and for how long? presented by Diana Stralberg

  • Climate change refugia and habitat connectivity promote species persistence presented by Toni Lyn Morelli

  • Will plant communities change more quickly in refugia? A biogeographic and landscape perspective presented by David D. Ackerly

  • Detecting drought refugia with functional traits: A case-study from the CA Channel Islands presented by Aaron Ramirez

  • Remote sensing of refugia from drought and insect outbreaks presented by Jennifer M. Cartwright

  • Genetic refugia: A bottoms-up approach to identifying climate refugia for whitebark pine presented by Mary F. Mahalovich

  • Topographic fire refugia in late successional forests of the US Pacific Northwest presented by Meg A. Krawchuk.

  • Mapping coldwater refugia as a first step towards spatially-explicit aquatic conservation in Massachusetts presented by Rebecca M. Quiñones

All of these abstracts can be found on the ESA’s website below.

Tatiana Eaves